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Foreclosures - The Unfortunate Goldmine

Foreclosures are at an all time high in the US today. Millions of people find it harder and harder to stay ahead on their bills, and thus end up falling behind on their house payment too. Foreclosures are an unfortunate thing for the home owner, but they can be a gold mine for the seasoned investor.

How Soon Can A Foreclosure Happen?

Technically the lender or bank can start foreclosure proceedings after just one missed payment. However, they will usually work to save the home from foreclosure by negotiating something with the owner. If this does not happen the home goes into foreclosure.

A list of foreclosure homes can be found by checking with local and nationwide lending institutions. One of the best ways to cash in on foreclosures is to work with a realtor that has good knowledge of the foreclosure market. They can add many benefits.

A realtor can do extensive research to determine value by checking the sales of other homes in area near the home in question. You may find that some realtors will not let you in on the best deals as they are watching for them themselves. You will want to find one that is willing to work with you long term as you may be buying several foreclosure homes.

Make sure that you have any foreclosures that you are looking be inspected or at least check the records to make sure there will not be too many expenses after purchase. Once you have determined that you have a home that can make a good investment then you can place a bid on the property.

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