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I Want Better Credit - Q & A

Q. Is it possible to get a better credit score fast? A. The answer to that question is YES, but it's not easy.

Q. Where can I go to get help if I want better credit? A. You will find a lot of help online but you can also stop by your local bank and see if they want to help you out.

Q. Is it possible to get better credit after I have declared bankruptcy? A. YES, you can get better credit after bankruptcy but do it right from the get go.

Q. I have heard people say that I can use credit to rebuild credit. True? A. Using credit to rebuild credit is a good way of taking steps towards a better credit history.But be sure you can afford it before you apply for a bad credit loan or credit card.

Q. How long can it take to get the credit up to where it should be? A. It can take up to two years to get approved by the major credit companies and maybe as long as four years to get a mortgage.

Q. I want better credit but I can't afford to get a bad credit loan or credit card. What can I do then? A. If there is no way for you to afford a loan or credit card, you can always checkout what will happen if you file for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is the final option but not the end of your life.

These are just a few questions that people ask them self every day. Being in debt or living with a bad credit history is not the end of the world. If you want better credit it can be fixed! Just take action. There is no reason for you to be waiting any longer. Cowboy up and get started.

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