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Online Education Loans

Federal Stafford loans and Federal Parent Plus loans are two popular online education loans available to students in the United States. Federal Stafford loans are granted to both graduate and undergraduate students. These loans are divided into two parts, subsidized and unsubsidized loans. The interest for subsidized loans is paid by the federal government on behalf of the students studying in schools or universities. The government is also responsible for the interest to be paid during the grace period, just before the beginning of the repayment. Whereas in case of unsubsidized loans, there is no government backing and the borrower is the sole payer of the interest on these loans. The eligibility requirements for federal Stafford loans are that the students should be pursuing full time or half time graduation or should be graduates along with U.S. citizenship.

Federal Stafford loans can be repaid within a ten-year period. Federal Parent Plus loans are slightly different from federal Stafford loans. Parent Plus loans are sponsored by the federal government for parents of undergraduate students. These loans take care of the total cost of education and the interest charged on these loans is very low and there is no security required. The interest rate on these loans does not go beyond 9%, and the tax can be deducted. These loans are only granted to parents who have children pursuing their full time or half time graduation studies. U.S. citizenship is not an eligibility requirement in the case of Parent Plus loans.

It is a good option to pursue a degree online, with the help of the various online education loans. These loans provide the required financial support to students to complete their education. The authorization of the colleges or universities is important, while applying for an online education loan.

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