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Find Free Foreclosure Listings

It is a challenge to find free foreclosure listings and you will need to find as many as you can when you are on the search for foreclosure homes. You will be competing for the early bird position with real estate professionals who make much of their living from the profit made by selling foreclosed houses. The reason is that a foreclosed home seller can make a profit of fifty to eighty cents on the dollar.

Two Main Types of Foreclosure Listings

The two main types of foreclosure listings are paid subscription listings and free listings. There are pros and cons about each listing type so be aware of the differences between them.

Paid Subscription Websites

At a paid subscription site, you should be able to conduct searches and see images of the homes with full descriptions. Paid subscription sites usually offer good services and quality homes in their foreclosure listings.

Some Facts about Free Listings

A free listing service may only be a free trial period that you will expected to pay for after a certain amount of time has passed or you may only see a short list of foreclosure homes with limited descriptions. It is worth it to sign up for the free service to determine whether the information that is offered is worth paying the full subscription price. Compare services before you pay for a subscription.

True Free Listings do exist! You can find true free foreclosure listings for your search needs if you are prepared to put an effort into finding such free listings. When you do find free foreclosure listings, check the listings frequently because foreclosure homes do not last long on such a list.

Local Real Estate Agents

You can sometimes find foreclosure homes listed on real estate agent websites. It helps if you can find out from the different banks about which real estate agents work with foreclosure homes.

Outsmart Everyone Else

You will need to be ingenious at finding free foreclosure listings if you want to stay ahead of the pack. Go a step beyond what everyone else is doing by using a variety of sources including paid subscription sites, free listings and real estate agent websites and other published information.

A great place to start with your search to find free foreclosure listings is the website http://foreclosuresource.googlepages.com, an excellent resource on real estate foreclosures.


Remember, check listings and check them often! Happy Hunting!

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