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The Importance Of Choosing An Accredited Home School Program?

Whether you are looking to enroll your school age child in a home school program or looking to get a college degree at home, it is essential that you enroll in an accredited home school program. Your child's education is one of the most important gifts that you can give to him or her. Chances are you are interested in homeschooling because you want your child to have the best education you can give them. If you plan to invest the time and effort it takes to educate your child from home, go that extra step by choosing to affiliate yourself only with an accredited home school program.

What Does It Mean To Be An Accredited Home School Program?

When a home school program is accredited it is affiliate with a larger organization that governs its policies and practices. This insures parent's that when you work with an accredited home school program, you will get quality service, curriculum and programs.

When a home school is accredited, you know that they must meet minimum standards or they would lose their accreditation. The group that accredits them reviews them on a regular basis letting you know that you can trust them in supplementing your child's education.

An Accredited Home School Program Is Important For College Bound Kids

When shopping around for an accredited home school program, look for those programs that are acceptable to the colleges your child is interested in attending. Graduating from an accredited program can make the difference in what colleges will accept your child. If you need to, call the admissions department of the schools your child is interested in attending and ask them to verify their acceptance of the home school programs you are researching. Some accredited programs are indirectly affiliated with specific colleges, making it even easier for your child to be accepted to those particular schools upon graduation.

If you are looking to take college classes at home, it is even more important to make sure the school you choose is accredited by an accreditation company that is recognized by all the major colleges. Many schools say they are accredited, but unless they are accredited by a group that is recognized by the major universities of the United States a degree that they offer could be worthless. It would be awful to spend two years working toward a degree only to learn that your associates degree won't transfer to a main stream school.

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