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Your Annual Credit Report - How to Improve It

Your annual credit report holds the keys to your credit history and your ability to get cheaper finance (and more of it) in the future. This is going to be important when it comes time to get home loans, car loans or even credit cards. Improving your credit report history will save you a lot of money in the long run, so it is very worthwhile. But how do you go about improving your credit report? Here are a few ideas.

Get Your Annual Credit Report - First you are going to need to get your annual credit report. There are three credit bureaus that creditors report to so be sure you get the report from all three - many credit report companies will help you with this and assemble the single report for you. With this information you will know where you need to take steps to improve your credit.

Assess Your Credit Report - You will need to separate the items on your credit report to know which to take action on. Some items will be positive and need no action. Others will be mistakes or items which can be disputed through the right channels. If you are unsure, get a credit report company to help you with the assessment.

Start Disputing Items - This will probably take a fair bit of time and require a lot of letter writing, but once you have established the items on your credit report that can be disputed, then you should start disputing them by writing to the relevant credit bureau. Again, any number of credit report companies will be able to help you with this process.

Improving your annual credit report does not have to be difficult, but unfortunately it will probably be time consuming and laborious. If you don't want to do it yourself, then consider getting the help of a credit report company who are experienced in completing the process quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about improving your annual credit report, visit Credit-Reporter.net

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